Welcome to the Labyrinth of Ordered Chaos.

What path do you wish to take?

What is the Digital Expansion Chamber?

A place for you to create.

A place for your codes to be seen and brought forward into this reality.

A place for you to become your magic magnetic self.

I exist in a place of joy. Not because I am rich and I have manifested everything I want. But because I want to.

I started my journey trying to become a better person. Wanting to not feel the way I was feeling and to start enjoying my life. I had become a miserable sack of anger and I hated it. The journey started in the way of learning how to manifest and then onto healing. Then my husband passed away unexpectedly so why not have a spiritual awakening at the same time. If anyone tells you that this journey is anything but soul wrenching, they are lying.

Trying to find out who you are, healing all your trauma, moving through grief and learning a whole new idea on who and what we are is not a small feat. And I threw myself at the challenge. I was already in the lowest place possible, there was nothing more that you could have thrown at me that could of made it any harder.

So I did everything. I learnt everything. I tried everything. All up in spirituality, religion, science, emotions, tools, ways to make money, business ideas, coaching, modalities... you name it - I did it. Was I successful at any of it? Depends what you idea of success is right? I had learnt so much that I came back around full circle to where I had started.

If learning everything and trying everything wasn't making me feel like I fit in, then I had to find something that was mine.

I created my own reality. I was gifted sight in ways that make no sense to most people, but I started to see things that created a new way of being.

Starting with energetics and the expansive ideas of what we are made up of and how we exist, I was able to come to the conclusion, that there is no conclusion.

Despite everything that I had learnt, there was not one answer.

There were many.

And they were all correct.

I could finally see and understand how we create the existence around us. If I cannot lock myself into an idea then, how do I continue to exist?

I am still this human being, trying to function in this 3D world.

How do I bring all my knowledge into that?


When you start peeling the layers of the beliefs, stories and all that other gunk on top of you, something magical happens.

You start to see more of who you really are. The things you want to do and desire in your life. And you start hearing exactly what you want to create.

When you step into that process, even more magic happens.

The movement toward the creative endeavours may bring with it things that you need to look at. You face them, you create the thing. And then another layer is taken away and your clarity and your desires become clearer and clearer.

You end up in this state of true alignment. You trust everything you hear and think of. You find that creating things becomes fun and easy. And because you are being the most authentic version of who you are, you become a magnet for all the things you want to attract in your life. You don't need to bring them into you, they come all by themselves.

And the best part is that it feels good. You feel the high vibration of who you really are. You love everything that you do. You share this frequency with others and help to lift them as well. You feel amazing, and not from doing anything special - just following your own voice.

To help you bring those creations to life is why I have created the Digital Expansion Chamber.

A place to house the way in which you can change your own mindset.

With the tools you need to create the things you want to create.

As well as having a service that can help you either for you to create on your own, or to have someone work with you.

Inside this space is everything I know from a creative perspective.

From social media platforms, to courses, graphics and content creation and even to books.

I bring you my experience in this area along with my open and clear intuitive mindset to show you how you can create the things you want, with the outcome you desire.

I will not be giving you the steps that everyone else follows. I guide you toward the belief in your own intuition and the way that you want to create and show up in the online space. Knowing that your people will find you.

If you are reading this, then you are ready.

Get some free training, read my first book or book a 1 on 1.

Or even sign up for the brand new membership, get your own sales funnel created or jump into an intensive 3 month experience.

What if everything you ever wanted, was on the other side of your next creation?

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Oh hey, I’m Anna

keeper of the Dark Luminaire brand,

Creative Genius

Magical Being

Spiritual Disruptor

Emotional Alchemist

Here to turn your codes into matter

Translation : What do you want to create right now? How can I help you bring it to life?

Through creative training, 1 on 1 help, mindset or teaching you how to manifest everything you want, I can help you.

I see beyond your own perceived limitations and illuminate the essence of who you truly are.

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